When I am asked what I do, I often respond: "I'd like to think that I work with computers, but I'm afraid the truth of it is, that they work with me."

The point I'm trying to make, which isn't articulate, is that I really work with people, most often people who need help with their computers or information technology. This is as broad a scope as it sounds. And while on the surface it may appear scattered and/or unfocused, it has in fact, been a case study in isomorphism.

Like many, I've had a wide and diverse career. It be would be fool hardy to think that I could write about all of it. Or that I need to. So I'm going to write on just some of the most recent key things. And perhaps a handful of anecdotes. This is not a fancy site, with bling or social media or community interaction, nor is it intended to be. It just has stuff. Some you may find useful.

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