... We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing, [forever]. - Konstantin Josef Jireček (?)

I help people with their IT needs or wants. That may sound nebulous or generalized but it really isn't. I'm one of those few who specialize in groking the individual components, details and how they impact people.

I practice software development, database administration and infrastructure because IT is a holistic science. And to see it otherwise is myopic at best and disastrously wasteful at worst.

I understand that IT does no exist for it's own sake. It's value can only be derived by how it helps people. And as such, I spend a lot of time working with people.

I understand IT well enough that I can teach it. Though I prefer doing, I respect the value that comes from helping others understand it as well. It often tends to make my job easier.

It isn't so much that I can do anything, as much as everything I do was once new and unknown. I enjoy doing new things and adding to the known.

And now for something completely different, the obligatory résumé:

Lawrence L Hovind


  • 10+ years experience Developing and Administrating applications and systems in cross-platform environments.
  • Proficient at programming, specifically in C/C++, PHP, SQL, Linux, OOD, MVC
  • Strong entrepreneurial background with experience in sales, accounting, business administration, payroll, benefits and litigation support
  • Experienced with Secure e-Commerce, PCI Compliance and Point-of-Sale / Inventory Control
  • Experienced in developing database driven Client/Server applications and RESTful Web services.
  • Developed scalable, high performance web based MVC Framework
  • Able to break down colossal information processing requirements into small, manageable, audit-able subsystems in polynomial time and then … make it work.

Technical Skills  (current only, the complete list is too long to remember)

Languages: C/C++, PHP5, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
Libraries: Boost, STL, wxWidgets, libHaru, libcURL, openssl, Authorize.Net
Databases: PostgreSQL, SQlite, MySQL
Systems: Linux (Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS), Cloud (QEMU/KVM, LXC), LNPP(LAMP)
Networking: HTTP/S, FastCGI, SMTP, IMAP/S, DNS, VPN, NFS(v4), SMB, Firewalls & Routing, Domain & Email administration
Software: Eclipse, GNU tools, Git, GIMP, Inkscape, Visual Studio

Exemplar Projects

e-Commerce/Software Licensing
Developed and Deployed an e-commerce site for the fulfillment of customer software licensing maintenance. Developed a custom MVC framework for this system. The MVC framework is similar to a CMS but geared toward accounting tasks and functions. Developed the back-end software licensing generation and maintenance system.

TranscriptWizard™ and TranscriptWizard™ Plus
Developed an application for deposition transcript processing. TranscriptWizard converts and formats plain text files, indexes content, extracts knowledge and outputs in multiple formats, most notably PDF, hyper-linked for multi-document searching.

Online Deposition Transcript Repository
Developed an online repository for court reporters to securely deliver their work products to clients and concerned parties. The repository features document sorting and access controls.

Point-of-Sale/Inventory System
Developed a POS and Inventory Control system for a CD music chain. Along with basic POS and inventory tracking the system featured real-time multi-store reporting capability and customer rewards tracking.

Experience History

The Elizabethan Software Company - Principal Developer

Principal Responsibility for:
  • Developing the company's product line:
      • Written in C++
      • Utilized the wxWidget and Boost libraries for cross-platform compatibility
      • Integrated libHaru for PDF generation
        • Extended libHaru adding javascript actions
        • Debugged and patched libHaru's attachments feature
      • Integrated tinyXml for XML document storage
      • Utilized libcURL for update checking
      • Produced embedded and online Help Manuals
  • Developing software licensing schema:
    • Implemented cryptographic license key using openssl
    • Developed Key Generation in C++
    • Developed License Creation in PHP calling Key Generation
    • Developed License Key delivery via Email in PHP
  • Developed e-commerce site and provided marketing support
    • Written in PHP5 and SQL
    • Developed custom MVC framework for site
    • Utilized PostgreSQL back-end database
    • Integrated reCAPTCHA for human verification
    • Integrated Authorize.Net gateway services
    • Developed PCI compliant policy manual
    • Performed PCI compliance
    • Developed email marketing system
  • Designing, Deploying and Administrating IT infrastructure
    • Developed private cloud based infrastructure
      • Utilized KVM virtual servers on Debian Linux
      • Utilized DRDB and Corosync for HA cluster
    • Utilized public cloud for static content delivery
    • Deployed secured web servers
      • Utilized NGINX with FastCGI
      • Established EV SSL Certification
Hovind information Systems Company - Principal
  • Developed and Maintained clients' online presences.
  • Developed and Managed domains, websites and email services.
  • Designed and Maintained clients' fault tolerant infrastructures.
  • Online Deposition Transcript Repository - Brusilow & Associates
Architect, Developer and Consultant
  • Established 17 year independent practice to expand customer services beyond traditional business models.
  • Explored experimental networking and architectural designs.
  • Developed and Deployed numerous automation applications:
  • Flexible Benefits Administration System - Vanguard Group, Inc.
  • Profit Sharing Administration System - Vanguard Group, Inc.
  • Imputed Income Administration System - Vanguard Group, Inc.
  • 'Bar Code Printing Source' - Infinity Computer Systems, Inc.
      PTO Registration No: TXu000480171
  • BBS Information and Sales Order System - Infinity Computer Systems, Inc.
  • Point-of-Sale/Inventory System - Dynamic Disc.
  • Electronic Survey System - Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America
MBI Business Centers - Business Consultant and Technical Adviser
  • Provided pre-sales networking and infrastructure consulting services.
  • Responsible for authorizing all network systems sales in Delaware Valley region.
  • Developed and conducted network seminars for the general public as well as in-house technology training seminars.
  • Delivered custom programming services to select clients.
  • Sales/Manufacturing Tracking System - FMC Link Belt
  • Purchase Order System - Smith, Kline, Beecham, French (Glaxo-SmithKline)
Computer Age - Knowledge Center Director
  • Developed and taught professional adult classes on the use of office productivity and computer accounting applications.

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